Lockdown: Top Podcasts To Listen To

During this time, when we often find ourselves out of inspiration and bored, with a lot of time on our hands, I love listening to podcasts on my morning walks and while doing random stuff around the house. So I decided to share some of the podcasts I’ve been listening to and loving.

  1. The VIEWS Podcast– I feel like everyone is already aware of David Dobrik’s and Jason Nash’s podcast, but I need to include it here, because it’s one of mine most listened to podcasts. It’s very light and fun, and perfect for a time like this where everything happening around the world is consuming and putting a strain on us. Plus, I miss David’s vlogs, so the podcast will have to do until they are back.

2. A Conversation With– Another podcast by one of my favourite YouTubers, Philip DeFranco. Unlike David however, this podcast has different guests, who discuss their social media and YouTube careers and goes in deeper on different societal and cultural topics. I love this podcast, because each episode features a different person and with Philip DeFranco, being a great host, just makes it a very interesting and fun podcast to listen to even if you are not into social media.

3. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard– I started listening to this podcast mainly because of his wife, Kristen Bell, but I stayed because not only is he actually a really funny and sarcastic host, but also the podcast has different entertainers from singers to actors as guests. It goes in into their careers, how they’ve gotten where they are and the process behind their work, which for someone who loves the entertainment industry is a great podcast.

4. Thick & Thin– I started following Katy Bellotte way back in high school and I’ve loved her ever since. Her podcast is a mixture of stories about her life in New York, relationships and freelance as a career choice, which for me is a perfect early morning podcast to listen to on a walk to get the day started.

5. THR Awards Chatter– The Hollywood Reporter’s podcast is one of my favourite out there and whenever I need inspiration I turn to it and it never disappoints. Each episode is like an in depth interview with an actor, writer, director from different critically acclaimed movies and series and it explores not only their career journey, but also the process behind creating their projects. So if you are pursuing a career in entertainment or just a fan of movies, this is one of the most interesting podcasts out there.

6. Behind The Screen– This last podcast is similar to the Awards Chatter in terms of the concept and content and it’s also a Hollywood Reporter’s podcast, so if you love Awards Chatter you’ll love this one.

If you listen to any of the podcasts let me know if you like them and if you have any podcasts you love, leave them in comments below.

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