Best 2020 Oscars Red Carpet Looks

Another year, another Academy Awards and another all- nighter pulled, so I can see the show and the red carpet. Yes I am one of those people, who stay up all night, obsess over what the stars are wearing and manifesting my future Oscars red carpet debut. It was difficult to pick just a few, but here are the looks of the night I thought hit the mark and captured the essence of the Academy Awards.

1. Brie Larson- Celine

Brie Larson’s backless pink caped gown is the first of the looks I loved on the red carpet. I love how it’s both bold and simple at the same time. The design of the dress gives it complexity, the pink sparkles give it glamour and combined with the natural make up and slicked hair, I think perfectly captures the Oscars glamour.

brie larson oscars

2. Billy Porter- Giles Deacon

I was super excited to see what Billy Porter would wear to the Oscars and well.. he did not disappoint. While there is a lot going on, and usually I’m a fan of the more simple look, all of the elements of this outfit in a weird way compliment each other and I love it.

92nd Annual Academy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 09 Feb 2020

3. Gam Wichayanee

This is probably the most fairy, princess- like look of the night and I love it.

92nd Academy Awards - Oscars Arrivals - Hollywood

4. Reneé Zellweger- Armani Prive

I’d say probably the most simple, yet elegant look of the night without being boring. The dress complements Reneé’s body extremely well and the make-up and hair are also very classic. It’s a very clean look, without much going on, but I’d say it’s a Oscar winner worthy dress.


5. Scarlett Johansson- Oscar de la Renta

If I had to choose the top 3 looks of the night, this will definitely be in it. I especially love the mesh, metallic top of the dress, which adds edginess to the elegant outfit. The custom Oscar de la Renta was complete with Forevermark jewelry, smokey eyes, pulled back hair and a tan to give it that Hollywood glamour feel.

scarlet oscars

6. Natalie Portman- Dior

This is probably my favorite look of the night not only because of the way it looks, but also because of the meaning that it carries. On her Dior cape, Natalie had embroidered, the names of female directors who were snubbed including Greta Gerwig, Lulu Wang and others. It’s such a subtle element, but it carries a lot of significance. Plus, the overall look is very simple and classic and yet not boring.

natalie portman oscarNP Oscar2

Let me know which looks of the night did you love and your thoughts on the night’s winners.


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